About this site

Q.Who is running this site?
A.Shochiku Co. Ltd. This site is called "Ticket Web Shochiku."
Q.The information I saw on your site appears different from other sites created by theater enthusiasts.
A.The Ticket Web Shochiku is the official site operated by Shochiku Co. Ltd. with all the latest information provided by the company. Shochiku is not responsible for any information that may appear on Web sites other than Ticket Web Shochiku. Shochiku does not assume any responsibility or obligations to any damages customers may suffer from such information.
Q.Can I use pictures and/or text in the Ticket Web Shochiku site in my or somebody else's personal site?
A.No information contained in the Ticket Web Shochiku site can be used without our prior approval. If you wish to use any of the items in the site please contact Shochiku. Using any such items without our explicit approval constitute a violation to the copyright of us or the copyright holder from whom we have licensed the material.
Q.What can I do in this site?
A.You can purchase tickets to our theater performances. Anybody can use the ticket vending service with a free registration to the site.
Q.When do you close your site?
A.This site operates 24/7. We may temporarily close down the service, however, when we have mechanical failures on the system or struck by natural disasters, when we decide continuing to provide the service may violate public interest or during system maintenances.

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Q.How can I contact you?
A.You can contact our support by e-mail (engeki-ticket@shochiku.co.jp).
You cannot, however use our support to change/cancel purchased tickets, book tickets or inquire seat availability.

In case you have trouble accessing the Ticket Web Shochiku, please request support providing the following information:
The OS you used.
Name and version number of the Web browser.
Your network connection type.
Date and time you tried to access the site.
Other special environment, if any.

* Please note it may take a while to respond to your inquiry.
* Inquiries regarding registration or purchased tickets should be made by the registered user or the user who actually purchased the tickets.
Q.What can I do in the MyPage?
A.You can check your purchase history, change your registration information including your e-mail address or delete your user registration.

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