Q.Do I need to register to the Ticket Web Shochiku to purchase tickets?
A.Yes, user registration is required to use the site to purchase tickets.
Once you are registered, you do not need to enter your personal information again next time you purchase tickets.
Q.How I register to the Ticket Web Shochiku site?
A.Use the User Registration menu on the TOP page of the site as follows:
(1) Read and agree the Terms of Use.
(2) Enter your personal information to a provisional registration status.
(3) Once the provisional registration has been processed successfully, you will receive a registration e-mail
(4) Read the e-mail and follow the instruction contained to register to the site.
(5) Once the registration is complete, you receive your user ID in another e-mail.

You will need the user ID and password when you purchase tickets. Please write them down and keep the note in a safe place.
Q.What information do I need to provide for the user registration?
A.You will be requested to enter your name, country, phone number, PC e-mail address, password of your choice and birth date.
Q.What are user ID and password?
A.The user ID is an ID that identifies you. The password is used to check if you are actually accessing the site.
You can choose any password that consists of 8 to 15 alphanumeric characters, inclusive. The passwords are case sensitive. Please be sure not to lose your user ID and password.
Q.Is the user registration free of charge?
A.Yes, the registration is free. You will, however, bear any communication or access charge you may incur while accessing our site.

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Q.I'm stuck during the user registration process.
A.During the user registration, you may see some messages to help you solve issues you are encountering. If this happens, please read the messages carefully and repeat the process following the instruction in the message. If you don't see any messages while you are stuck, quit the process and repeat it after a while. If you still have problems, please contact our support by e-mail (engeki-ticket@shochiku.co.jp).
Q.I have not received the "Registration accepted" e-mail.
A.You may have entered an incorrect e-mail address. If you don't receive the "Registration accepted" e-mail after about 10 minutes, please go back to the registration page and repeat the process again.
Your e-mail software or Internet access provider may have recognized the e-mail as a spam. In this case, you may find our e-mail in the Deleted or Spam folder of your e-mail software.
Q.I have received the "Registration accepted" e-mail but cannot complete the registration.
A.The registration completes by accessing the URL provided in the "Registration accepted" e-mail.
You may not be able to access the site if your e-mail software has inserted a line break in the URL. If you cannot directly click the URL, copy and paste the URL in the address bar of your browser and then access the site.
If more than 24 hours pass from the time you receive the "Registration accepted" e-mail until you access the site, your temporary registration will be canceled and an error message will be displayed when you attempt to access. If this happens, repeat the user registration process from the beginning.
Q.I have registered but cannot find my User ID. Where can I find it?
A.After you go through the user registration process you will receive a "Registration accepted" e-mail.
Please follow the instruction contained in this e-mail to complete your registration, after which your User ID will be e-mailed to you.
If you do not receive the "Registration accepted" after about 10 minutes of sending the registration request, you may have entered an incorrect e-mail address. Please repeat the registration process with the correct e-mail address.
Q.I have forgotten my User ID/password.
A.Please use the User ID retrieval menu in the login page to enter required information. An e-mail message with your registration information will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

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Q.I have a new PC now. Do I need to make any changes to my registration?
A. You can continue to use your User ID/password from any PC that can access the Ticket Web Shochiku site.
If you have changed your e-mail address, please go to MyPage and use the Review/Modify/Delete Registration Info menu to enter your new e-mail address.
Q.I need to modify my registration information (address, phone number, password, etc.).
A.Any information you entered during the user registration can be modified. Please go to MyPage and use the Review/Modify/Delete Registration Info menu.
Q.I want to use a new credit card number.
A.You don't need to make any changes because we do not ask you to enter your credit card information during the user registration.
Q.I want to delete my user registration.
A.Please go to MyPage and use the Cancel Registration menu.
Q.I want to find out how my personal information is handled.
A.Please click HERE to see our privacy policy.

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