Purchasing tickets

Q.You say the Ticket Web Shochiku site is available 24/7. Does it mean I can buy tickets from 00:00 of the first day you start offering tickets to a performance?
A.On the first day, tickets are offered from 10:00AM - same as our telephone reservation service.
Q.Do you charge any fees for the online purchase?
A.The service is free of charge. You will, however, bear any communication or access charge you may incur while accessing our site.
Q.How do I buy tickets?
A.Please refer to the Web users manual.
Q.Can I purchase tickets from outside Japan?
A.Yes, you can. For all operation such as registration, online purchase etc. use the English version OS and browser.
Please click HERE for the system requirements for the English version of the Ticket Web Shochiku site.

Please note we cannot ship tickets to outside Japan.
Some restrictions may also apply to the type of credit cards that can be used for payment.
Q.I am a minor. Can I still purchase tickets?
A.Use of the Ticket Web Shochiku site by an underage person should be done under consent and responsibility of his/her parental authority.
Only credit card payment is accepted in this site. If you don't have a credit card, please use our telephone reservation service (Ticket Phone Shochiku) or ticket booths in theaters.

Telephone : Ticket Phone Shochiku (10:00-18:00 Japan time)
An operator will take your reservation.

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Q.Do you offer any discount such as a student discount?
A.All tickets at the Ticket Web Shochiku are offered at their list prices that include the consumption tax. No discount is offered.
Q.I have trouble logging in.
A.All User IDs and passwords are made 2-byte (Hankaku) alphanumeric characters and case sensitive. Capital letters should be entered with the Shift key pressed.
Q.I have repeatedly made errors while trying to log in. Can I start the login process again right now?
A.If a message "If you fail to enter correct information {0} more times, you will not be able to login any more." is displayed, closing the Ticket Web Shochiku site resets your access status so that you can login to the site again.
Q.Can I choose seats when I purchase tickets?
A.In the Ticket Web Shochiku site, you can choose a seat selection method from among Automatic, By Block and By Seats.
If you want specific seat number(s), choose By Seats and select seat(s) in the block you specify.
If you want to just choose a seat block in the theater, select By Block.
If you choose Automatic, the system will automatically find desired number of seats for you.
Q.Do I get to choose Automatic, By Block or By Seats for all performances?
A.For some performances, the seat selection method may be restricted such as only Automatic. Please refer to ticket sale schedules for details.
For performances that only free seating is available, Automatic will be offered.

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Q.Can I select side-by-side seats in a row?
For Automatic and By Block, select the stage, class and number of seats, select Yes for Require Continuous Seats and then click Confirm Your Seat(s). If you use the By Seats method, just click continuous seats in a row.
Q.Can I buy tickets in multiple classes/blocks?
A.Yes. Put tickets in a single class/block you have selected in the Shopping Cart and repeat the process starting from the date/class selection.
Q.How many tickets can I buy in a single transaction?
A.The maximum number of tickets you can purchase in a single transaction differs depending on performances. Please refer to Ticket Sales Dates window for the performance.
Q.Can I buy tickets for multiple theaters or performances in a single transaction?
A.No. You have to complete the purchase process for a theater or performance, and then repeat the whole process from the area/performance selection.
Q.I could not buy tickets I wanted. "Selected seats are not available" was displayed.
A.The seats that fit your criteria does not exist or had been sold out. Modify the criteria and try again.

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Q.I could not purchase seats that said "Available." How often do you update the availability status?
A.Seat availability status constantly changes. This is particularly applicable on first days of offering tickets as many people try to purchase tickets at the same time. On the other hand, even if all seats are sold out, some of them may become available again later, which will be immediately reflected to the Ticket Web Shochiku site at the same timing as the telephone reservation and ticket booth sales.
Q.Is the availability information on the site same as the telephone reservation service?
A.Same availability information is used on Internet (Ticket Web Shochiku), telephone reservation service (Ticket Phone Shochiku) and booth sales.
For some performances, the sales method may be limited such as only telephone reservation is accepted.
Q.Can I register as a user, modify my user registration information or cancel my user registration during the purchase process?
A.Once you book seats, you cannot register as a user, modify your registration information or cancel your registration until you complete or cancel the purchase.
Q.How can I pay for my tickets?
A.All online purchases are paid by credit card only. We do not accept other payment method including cash.
Q.Which credit card can I use to pay for tickets?
A.UFJ Nicos, UC, Saison, DC, VISA, MasterCard, Diners, JCB and American Express are accepted.

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Q.I clicked the Payment button but no Purchase Number is displayed.
A.Normally clicking the Payment button refreshes the window to display your purchase number. If this does not happen, your PC or network setting may be causing the trouble.
In order to prevent a duplicate purchase, please make sure to check your purchase history using the Purchase History menu in your MyPage before attempting to go through the purchase process again. Please also check your e-mail box if you have received a purchase confirmation e-mail. Once purchased tickets cannot be refunded even if they have been purchased in duplication.
Q.I want to check what tickets I have bought.
A.Use the Purchase History menu in your MyPage.
A confirmation e-mail with the content of your purchase has also been sent to your registered e-mail address.
Q.Can I use a PC other than the one I made the user registration?
A.Your User ID and password can be used from any PCs as long as they can access to the Ticket Web Shochiku site. Confirmation e-mails after purchasing tickets will be sent to only registered e-mail addresses.
Q.I want to check if my purchase process has been completed successfully.
A.We have sent you an e-mail containing the details of your purchase to the registered e-mail address. You can check them also in your "My Page." To see it, please click "Buy tickets" button on the top page of Ticket Web Shochiku and you will go to "Performance List." Click "My Page" on the head of the page and enter your ID and password to log in, then you will be able to check the details of your purchase by clicking "Current purchase history" button.
It may take some time before your ticket purchase on our site is reflected on the credit card statement etc., but the purchase has already been completed successfully, if you see it in "Current purchase history" of your "My Page."
Q.I have not received the confirmation e-mail.
A.The confirmation e-mail is sent to the e-mail address you chose during the user registration. The e-mail may be delayed because of congestion or other adverse conditions in the network or particular line you use.
Your e-mail software or Internet access provider may have recognized the e-mail as a spam. In this case, you may find our e-mail in the Deleted or Spam folder of your e-mail software.
Even if you don't receive the confirmation e-mail, your purchase has been completed successfully as long as you can see your purchase number that you can check from the Purchase History menu in your MyPage.

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Q.Can I change/cancel the tickets I have bought? Do you have a cooling-off period for the purchase?
A.You cannot change or cancel tickets you have purchased.
A purchase agreement is irrevocably established when you click the Payment button and a purchase number is generated. Please note your credit card will be charged for the tickets even if you don't pick up the tickets or do not go to the theater.
Tickets purchased through the Ticket Web Shochiku site are precluded from our cooling-off system.
Q.Do you offer any purchase methods other than through Internet?
A.Besides the Ticket Web Shochiku site, we also offer a telephone reservation service (Ticket Phone Shochiku) as well as ticket sales through theater booths.

Telephone:Ticket Phone Shochiku (10:00-18:00 Japan time)
An operator will take your reservation.

For some performances, not all of these ticket sales methods are offered. Please check our homepage or fliers for details.

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