Q.My credit card appears to be rejected.
A.Approval of the credit card information you enter is performed by the credit card company. Please check if the credit card information contains any error. If you still continue to have trouble using the card, please contact your card company.
Q.What is security code?
A."Security code" is the number printed on your credit card besides the credit card number.
Because the security code is not included in the magnetized information of the card, it cannot be known to third parties even if the magnetized information is compromised, as long as the physical card itself is not stolen.
Since only the card holder knows the security code, using the code enhances the security of payment transactions The security code is printed on different parts of the card depending on the type of the card. Please see the diagrams below to find out the specific location.
Click here for more details on the security code
* You must enter your security code to purchase tickets. Please use a credit card with security code printed.
* If you cannot find the security code or are not sure which number is your security code, please request assistance from your card company (contact information is given on the back of your card.)
Credit cards from some issuer companies may not be used for purchase.
* The PIN (password) number you use for your card is NOT your security code. They are separate numbers.
Q.Do you issue a customer receipt when I use my credit card?
A.We do not issue credit card sales slips as the credit card payment is processed online.
Q.Can I choose pay in installments or use a revolving payment?
A.We accept lump-sum payments only.
Q.When will my credit card payment get deducted from my bank account?
A.Your credit card payment is processed immediately when you complete the payment step of the ticket purchase, and the purchase date becomes the card-usage date shown on the credit card statement.
The amount of your ticket purchase on this site closes at the end of the month, and the purchase data will be sent to your credit card company from the 10th of the next month.

*The conversion into Japanese Yen is executed according to the exchange rate decided by the credit card company etc. on the date the data will be sent adding the cost of processing the task related to the foreign use, not the exchange rate on the purchase date.

*Your credit card payment will be reflected on the credit card statement on the date the data are sent. It is not reflected on the credit card statement right after the purchase, but the purchase has been completed successfully when you get the purchase number. The purchase contract is valid then, so you can go to the theater with the purchased ticket.

The date the amount is deducted from your bank account differs depending on the cutoff date of the credit card companies. Please request the information directly from your credit card company or refer to the credit card statement you receive.
Q.When will my payment be processed? When will be the card usage date?
A.The payment is processed immediately when you purchase tickets from your PC
The card use date will be the date you purchase tickets.

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Q.To pick up my tickets, I want to use a credit card different from the one I used for payment.
A.You must use the same credit card for both purchase and pickup. If you need to use a different credit card because of lost/reissued card or some other reason, please send an inquiry from Ticket Web Shochiku(engeki-ticket@shochiku.co.jp).
Q.Can I use electric money?
A.We do not accept electric money.
Q.Do you offer payment methods other than credit card?
A.Only credit card payments are accepted for the online purchase. If you don't have a card, please use our telephone reservation service (Ticket Phone Shochiku) as well as ticket sales through theater booths.

Telephone:Ticket Phone Shochiku (10:00-18:00 Japan time)
An operator will take your reservation.
Q.Can you issue a customer receipt for my payment?
A.You can pick up a customer receipt from a theater booth.
Please pick up the receipt at your earliest convenience because the performance day will be the last day the receipt can be issued.

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