Picking up purchased tickets

Q.How can I pick up my tickets?
A.Please use one of Automatic Ticket Dispensers installed in theaters and some other locations.
Click HERE for locations and operating hours.
If you pick up tickets at the theater of your performance, the tickets can be dispensed up to the date and time the performance starts. Please make sure to bring the credit card you used for payment, as it will be required to pick up the tickets.
Q.Is there any limitation on the time I can pick up tickets?
A.As your tickets are already paid for, you can pick them up even after the performance starts as long as it is within the operating hours of the Automatic Ticket Dispenser you use. There may be additional limitations on some performances or Dispenser locations. Please check the Dispenser Locations for details when you purchase tickets.
Q.Can I cancel my purchase by not picking up my tickets?
A.Purchased tickets cannot be changed or cancelled even if you don't pick them up.
Q.I cannot bring the credit card I used for payment to pick up my tickets. Can I still pick them up from one of Dispenser?
A.You cannot use a Dispenser machine without the credit card you used for payment as the Dispenser identifies you by verifying the card against the credit card information you entered during purchase. In this case, please contact the following e-mail address for instructions:
Q.My credit card has been expired. Can I still pick up tickets from one of Dispensers?
A.You can pick up tickets from Dispensers as long as you have the credit card you used for payment even if the card gets expired between the times of your purchase and picking up tickets.

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