System requirements

Q.Can I use my smartphone to purchase tickets?
A.No, this is a PC only service.
Q.Can I access the Ticket Web Shochiku site from a terminal other than PC or smartphone?
A.This site is designed to handle accesses from personal computers.
As such, we cannot guarantee normal access or ticket purchase operations from any other equipment.
Please click HERE for system requirements for the Ticket Web Shochiku site.
Q.I am not comfortable for entering my credit card number because of potential security issues.
A.In order to provide the best possible protection for personal information, we use an encryption method called 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
Please click HERE for our privacy policy.
Q.I received an error message on the webpage and cannot purchase tickets.
A.Please check your browser settings:
Is JavaScript activated?
Does the browser accept cookie?
To use all services of our site, both JavaScript and cookies need to be enabled on your browser.
Please check you browser's setting to enable them. Cookies do not contain any personal data that can be used to identify you.
Q.What are system requirements for your site?
A.This Site has been tested for comfortable use in the environments listed below. The Site may not function properly under other operating systems or if other browsers are used. The listed environments may not support the operation if additional software and/or drivers are installed.
* Please note the above description does not guarantee proper operation of the Site under the environments listed below.
* You need English version OS and browser.

Supported operating systems:
Windows: Windows Vista / Windows 7
Macintosh: MacOS 10.6 or later

* The Site does not support accesses from equipment other than personal computers including game machines, PDA and full-browser functions of smartphones.

Supported browsers:
Windows: Internet Explorer 7 or later / Firefox 4.0 or later
Macintosh: Safari 5 or later / Firefox 4.0 or later
* The Site does not support Mac versions of Internet Explorer.

Windows: Adobe Flash Player 11 or later
Macintosh: Adobe Flash Player 11 or later

Stylesheet (CSS): Must be enabled.

JavaScript: Must be enabled.

* Please refrain from using the Back, Forward or "X" buttons on the browser or multiple browser tabs or windows as it may interfere with the proper function of the Site.
* Download and installation of software are users' own responsibility.
* LAN or security software settings may cause troubles in the window display. Please contact your network administrator and/or Internet provider if you experience such troubles.

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Q.What should I do after I complete/abort the purchase process?
A.When you complete purchase and want to stop using our site, click the End Shopping (Logout) button and close the window.
If you want to abort the purchase process before paying for the tickets, please use the Delete button to deselect seats and then close the window.
Q.Can I use multiple browser windows or tabs?
A.No. Please avoid using multiple browser windows or tabs as it may interfere with the site's operation.
Q.The browser displays a message urging to install Flash Player.
A.The Ticket Web Shochiku site uses Flash technology. In order to use the site, you must install a free Flash Player from Adobe Systems. If your computer does not have this player preinstalled, please install a copy from the Adobe Flash Player Download Center.

If the same message is still displayed after installing Adobe Flash Player, uninstalling the Player and then installing it again may dissolve the problem.

Adobe and Adobe Flash Player are trademarks or registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the US and/or other countries.
Please contact Adobe Systems for problems in or instructions for using Adobe Flash Player.

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