Representation under the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions (Japanese Law number: Act No. 57 of 1976)

Representation under the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

The following representation is made under the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, Article 11 (Advertisements of Mail Order Sales):

Shochiku Co., Ltd., Theater Performance Department, Ticketing Division, Ticket Web Shochiku
c/o Shinbashi Enbujo
6-18-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan
Site Manager
Toshikazu Nagao
Shochiku Co., Ltd.@ Ticket Web Shochiku
c/o Shinbashi Enbujo
6-18-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan
Sales prices
All ticket sales prices are as displayed on the Ticket Web Shochiku website and include Japanese consumption tax.
Limitations on the number of tickets
Some performances may have limitations on the number of tickets a user can purchase. Such limitations will be displayed in advance under the Ticket Sales Date header.
Fees additional to the ticket prices
No fees will be charged if you pick up tickets through our Automatic Ticket Dispenser machines. All other additional fees, if any, will be presented before the purchase process.
Payment methods
Only online credit card payments with designated card brands are accepted.
  • Accepted cards are: UFJ Nicos, UC, Saison, DC, VISA, MasterCard, Diners, JCB and American Express.
  • Some cards issued outside Japan cannot be used on this site.
Settlement day
The ticket prices will be charged to your card company immediately upon purchase. The billing date to you varies depending on the card company.
Ticket dispensing method
Tickets are delivered through our Automatic Ticket Dispensers.
To receive ticket(s), insert the credit card you used for payment into any of the Automatic Ticket Dispensers.
Please click the link below for the locations of the Dispensers.
Dispensing period
(effective period of the online purchase)
Tickets are dispensed from the Ticket Dispense Start Date through the time the Automatic Ticket Dispenser is in operation on the day of the performance. Tickets cannot be dispensed during Automatic Ticket Dispenser off hours, including during maintenance and the year end/New Year holidays.
No change/cancellation of ticket is accepted once payment is made.
  • In case of force majeure or if Shochiku or the performance promoter cancels the performance, the ticket price will be reimbursed during a specified time period at specified places. No reimbursement will be made, however, for a ticket that is past the specified reimbursement period, lost, damaged or otherwise soiled to the point it is illegible. Shochiku is not responsible for any other cost other than the ticket price including but not limited to handling fees, travel expenses including transportation and lodging, communication expenses or shipping fees.
  • Reimbursement period and locations: Notified on the Site.
  • Reimbursement method: Cash will be reimbursed in exchange for the purchased tickets.